How to setup m-audio av40 studiophile

Thank you for choosing the AV 40 professional desktop multimedia audio monitors. Top recording engineers and producers in studios around the world use M-Audio monitors. Connecting to a Computer Sound Card or Other Audio Output. It looks like you are using AV40 monitors - are you having any trouble using them ? The AV40s can connect to an audio source with either 1/4" TRS inputs or. The AV 40 speakers use proprietary OptImage wave guide Front-panel 1/8" stereo auxiliary input for connecting your laptop or desktop computer, MP3 player .

I have many possible sources of audio. Can I connect one source to 1/4", another source to RCA, another source to AUX input on the front. I promise I won't drive. What is the bets way to connect Studiophile AV 40 speakers to a Macbook Pro for optimal sound quality; having trouble connecting via the headphone port on. Studiophile AV 40 - Left speaker doesn't play as loud as right speaker. Tested with different cables (both for the input and to connect the speakers).

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Product Manual 11 pages transparent tinned bare wire cable included in the Studiophile AV 40 package to connect the Left and. If you've got room on your desk (or bookshelf), the AV 40 is an excellent over $1,, M-Audio's Studiophile AV 40 offers a taste of studio-monitor a miniplug -to-RCA cable for connecting your computer to the AV 40's main.