How to put notepad on desktop mac

Keep notes, lists, and even pictures in sticky notes on your desktop. You see the notes whenever the Stickies app on your Mac is open. Three sticky notes, two. Use Stickies for anything that a real-world sticky note can handle, including. Reminders that you don't want to misplace. Snippets of text that you want to. How? Well there is an application on your mac in which you can use You have to have Stickies open for it to stay on your desktop. If you quit it you won't be .

Mac computers also come with a desktop version of sticky notes, which are much more . On How to Apply for a Marriage License in New York, a reader asks. Not only can you use Parallels Desktop to run Notepad on Mac, you can do so in Coherence Mode, which allows you to use your Windows. The Sticky Notes application is not new to Snow Leopard, however it does give you the ability to tack notes onto your desktop; where they stay.

The app works similarly to the Notes app, in that you make yourself notes so that you remember stuff. But Stickies notes stay on your desktop. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted Notes now survive when Notepad is closed (removed from Widget Desktop) via Restore. (Avoiding putting my e-email on this webpage due to spam harvesters).