How to delete facebook app from htc

I would like to uninstall the Facebook app that came with the phone. Can i do that ? Also whenever i open the camera app i have a recording. Hi, i am using HTC android phone and want to remove FB app from my device. If Facebook app is inbuilt then you can not un-install but if it is. xda-developers HTC 10 HTC 10 Questions & Answers No way to remove facebook, messanger or instagram from HTC 10 by KotTHECat. Is there any way to remove those apps being stock without root? You browse to the system folder of the phone and youll see an apps folder and a priv-app.

To uninstall your Facebook app from your phone, follow these instructions. Let me ask you something. What were your first reactions and impressions when you bought your last smartphone? You probably couldn't wait. HTC This subreddit is all about the HTC 10 Android phone. Feel free to share anything you find interesting about it, pictures you take.

If you no longer need an app that you've downloaded and installed, you can uninstall it. I just got my Sprint HTC Hero Android phone and I noticed that it comes preloaded with FACEBOOK. While I know that most people would.