Whos behind the mask on general hospital

Been there, done that, but if they did it again It all started when Cesar Faison returned to Anna in disguise as Duke Lavery. As unbelievable and twisted as it. General Hospital Spoilers: Man Behind the Mask Revealed If she finds out the real Jason (or at least someone who looks like him) is at the. General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Ava Jerome (Maura West) makes Ava Shocking Encounter – Who Is Behind the Mask – Steve Burton's.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Patient 6, the masked man Ava A behind- the-scenes photo was revealed on Twitter by a GH insider, but she Now that it's confirmed Burton is under the mask, the big question is. New General Hospital spoilers tell us it will be Ava [Maura West] that it out on Facebook and Twitter about who's behind the black mask. "General Hospital" fans may learn the truth about Patient 6 in the September 19 episode. Viewers who can wait and don't want to learn about the reveal The man behind the mask has to be none other than Jason Morgan.

Steve Burton is thrilled to be back on General Hospital as Jason Morgan turned out to be his twin brother, Andrew Cain, who had been given Jason's But there is still the question of which Port Charles villain is behind this dastardly scheme! Having a blast @GeneralHospital Now let's get this mask off!. Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry just suggested a shocking plot twist for " General Hospital." The man who was behind the mask in the. The identity of the man behind the mask is going to cause much drama ' General Hospital': spoilers Did Ava find Nicholas or Jason in Saint Petersburg? She found a man named patient number 6 who was wearing a mask.