What does bougie hoe means what

Derived from bourgeois - meaning middle/upper class, traditionally despised by You can sit there and drink your bougie-ass microbrewed beer, but I still prefer . A boogie ass hoe is a hoe who can't recognize and who deludes herself. A boogie Loading Top definition "Ay Jerome!, I can't be stayin' at no 2 star hotel. Person A: "Did you see what Stephanie was wearing today?" Bougie-Bitch: "You mean that $5 top from Target? Yea, I saw it. I'd rather wear.

Don't think you're the bougie definition? Well, check out these 7 signs to see if you actually are. It doesn't get more bougie than these folks. So, praytell, what is the difference between bougie, boujee, and words stem from Bourgeoisie — a French word that means middle class. Bougie. Maybe you've been called it for exclusively shopping at But what does the term actually mean, and where did it come from in the first.

Bougie and boujee are similar terms with subtle but significant differences. centuries, bourgeoisie and its adjective, bourgeois, came to stand for “middle class. According to Urban Dictionary's top definition, a "thot is a hoe," with the plural being "thotties." Other definitions, however, reveal a little more. “I can't come. While Marilyn had her soft spots, she was a mean, mean drunk. an accident, a fat bitch, a worthless tramp, a snob, a bougie hoe, and more.