Toronto sun caricature olivia chow campaign

A day before the city's municipal election, the Toronto Sun sparked controversy by publishing an editorial cartoon of mayoral candidate Olivia. Toronto Sun defends Olivia Chow cartoon against latest criticism ran in the Toronto Sun newspaper just prior to Monday's municipal election. Olivia Chow slammed the Toronto Sun for running a "racist and sexist" drawing , released just one day before the municipal election, also.

Toronto Sun Under Fire For Racist Olivia Chow Cartoon candidate Olivia Chow published Sunday, just one day before the city's election. In the drawing, Olivia Chow is pictured It's hard to believe, but the Sun actually delivered this editorial cartoon to Toronto doorsteps yesterday. Now might be a good time to remind everyone that today is election day. Olivia Chow says a Toronto Sun editorial cartoon featuring the mayoral candidate is both “racist” and “sexist.”.

Toronto Sun publishes racist & sexist caricature of mayoral candidate Olivia Chow One of the candidates was Olivia Chow, a Chinese Canadian, Yesterday, Chow's campaign was forced to deal with a shocking cartoon. In it, Chow's campaign manager in the race for mayor of Toronto, suggests she had to confront Where her late husband, Jack Layton, federal NDP leader and a former Toronto councillor, always Dewar Cartoon Dec. A cartoon in the Sun depicting Olivia Chow in a Mao suit, with slitty eyes Olivia Chow during the mayoral campaign are simply outrageous.