How do you shorten vertical blinds

Need to shorten your vertical blind? Save money with my easy to follow guide on how to re-size your vertical blind in a few easy steps. How to cut down vertical blind vanes. Trim vertical blinds to shorten the vanes. If the vinyl vertical blinds you purchased are too long for the window opening in your home, you will need to shorten the length of the blinds. This simple guide.

When you take measurements for shortening vertical blinds, you must first decide whether you want the slats to hang inside or outside of the. Vertical blinds are available off the shelf at big box stores, on line through catalogue shopping, or even at the local garage or church sale. While reuse and . How to Shorten a Vertical Blind Headrail. The headrail of a pair of blinds is the top of the blind that attaches to the window to hold it in place. Sometimes you.

I have a set of vertical blinds (fabric) that are too long for my patio door. Does anyone know where I could take them to have about 7" cut off them? I tried Blinds to.