What knife does jethro gibbs carry

Gibbs Rule #9: Never Go Anywhere Without A Knife. The NCIS team never goes anywhere without a knife! Collected here are a number of knives from different. Seen above is the Zero Tolerance Combat Folder frame-lock with tiger-striped Tungsten coating. It is Gibbs's (Mark Harmon's) primary knife on. I got my ZT because of Gibbs and it's my favorite pocket knife I've ever owned, though I don't carry it much anymore due to its size. If you're.

Gibbs has had a few knives on the show. The one he seems to use the Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Robert Frost, I watch more TV than you do. Last night on NCIS, Gibbs whiipped out a big folder to use searching sharpen a $ knife that stays in my drawer while I carry a $ knife. EDIT: Hahaha, James Y ID'd some knives while I was typing up this post. He has no problem being Leroy Jethro Gibbs for a paycheck, but . Although if it was I suspect it would say so on the pocket clip, as they usually do.

Does anyone know what make/model knife Gibbs carries? He left it for Vance when he was hospitalized after the bomb blast that killed Hadar. Brought to mind the knife carried and used by LeRoy Jethro Gibbs is several episodes. I do not own any of these, so can't endorse them. I know there are a lot of N.C.I.S. fans out there. On the latest show, Gibbs & Tony both uses folding knives to cut That does look like 'em.