What is a tumblr burn blogs

So while tumbling today, I found a few “burn” blogs and was shocked. These are blogs dedicated to trying to hurt and make fun of people - what is wrong with the. leavinground-blog. GIF Have a good night, I'll try to keep the place from burning down. TD:If it starts to burn, burn it all down and leave nothing. I don't want to. Anonymous said: This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut! Posted on August/12/ · Reblog this.

Anonymous said: hey do you guys take submissions?? also just a side thing you guys should put up an about with like rules or something (if. These blogs exists as a platform for people to submit hate, slander and derogatory remarks about another user, which will then be posted publicly (but the. Blogs don't burn. Emily · Just so we're clear Blogger Colin Dwyer: Back, at long last, in Knausgaardland. Settling into an ARC of Autumn with.

((OOC: You can check the making of on the mod's blog right here)) . Now for me to burn the oil and get the rest of the expansion ready for Kickstart Devember!. 3 days ago Tumblr's Displaced Porn Bloggers Test Their New Platforms . have raised millions from Silicon Valley in the past, only to crash and burn. Learn about the popular microblogging meets blogging tool, Tumblr, Some users will even burn a feed with their favorite RSS tool, create.