How do you get konahrik papercraft

Skyrim - Konahrik Papercraft (Dragon Priest Mask). Saturday, 28 January Rauf Raphanus Mask and Costume. E-mail Print. Download. This papercraft is Konahrik, one of nine powerful dragon priest masks found in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the paper model is created by Kuraudo3. This papercraft mask is from the game "The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim", it is designed by z, Konahrik is the 9th Dragon Priest Mask which has some rather in.

This is the Konahrik mask. Konahrik literally means "warlord". The Pepakura PDO and PDF templates for the mask may be downloaded here. Papercraft! Featuring Konahrik (a Dragon Priest mask from Skyrim) and Ceiling Cat. - Jesse Dubay - Google+. Konahrik Mask. Cosplay · Masks · The Elder Scrolls · Videogames. konahrik. Download. Konahrik Mask By Rundown to favorites. Share this papercraft on.

High ranking priests were known to wear dragon priest masks, the final mask being the Konahrik mask. In the game, the Konahrik Mask provides an. dragon priest mask, whether it be Krosis, Morokei or perhaps even Konahrik. -Glue - You can buy glue specifically for paper craft, but otherwise a glue gun.