What is aa3 bond rating

In investment, the bond credit rating represents the credit worthiness of corporate or government bonds. It is not the same as individual's credit score. The ratings. Obligations rated Aa3 are judged to be of high quality and are subject to very low credit risk. Rating one notch higher is Aa2. Rating one notch lower is A1. widely utilized sources for credit ratings, research and risk analysis. Aa3. A1. A2. A3. Baa1. Baa2. Вааз. Moody's long-term obligation ratings are opinions of.

Since John Moody devised the first bond ratings more than a century ago, Moody's rating systems have evolved in response to the increasing depth and breadth. At Moody's, the A3 rating comes after the Aaa, Aa1, Aa2, and Aa3 ratings. So if a bond is downgraded from A- to "junk" status, the fund manager would have to. A bond rating is a grade given to a bond that indicates its credit quality. Private independent rating services provide these evaluations of a bond issuer's financial.

Just as individuals have their own credit report and rating issued by credit bureaus, bond issuers generally are evaluated by their own set of ratings agencies to. Basically, the long-term credit ratings are orientated on the US-American grade system. Aa3. P1. High probability of timely and completely payment. A+. A. A-. Since the credit rating is assigned to a specific debt-security issued by the State of California, the current credit ratings are General Obligation, AA-, Aa3, AA-. The city of East Point's bond rating has been upgraded to Aa3, according to a press release.