What cell organelle makes ribosomes

Cell Organelles and Functions Match the cell organelle with the correct function. Nucleolus, A small, dense region in the nucleus that makes ribosomes. It produces rRna which moves from there to cytoplasm and join with form ribosomes So it concludes that nucleolus is the portion of cell which. When a cell needs to make proteins, it looks for ribosomes. Since there are no membrane-bound organelles in prokaryotes, the ribosomes float free in the.

Originally Answered: What produces ribosomes in the cell? the cell nucleus), and ribosomes (!), in the cytoplasm (the organelles mitochondria (all cells) and. Answer to your question - Via transcription of operons for ribosome genes. To the person above me - "Ribosomes don't have membrane". Ribosomes are unique structures that translate the DNA code via messenger RNA (mRNA) into actual proteins that cells use for processes.

Cell Parts. Mr. Zebley's Class Final Study Guide Cell Parts The organelle that control's the cell's activities and contains the DNA. It makes ribosomes. Quick look: A ribosome is a cell organelle. It functions as a micro-machine for making proteins. Ribosomes are composed of special proteins and nucleic acids. Organelle. Function. Cell Membrane. A double layer that supports and protects the cell. Allows A round structure in the nucleus that makes ribosomes. Structure and function of the nucleus and ribosomes of a cell. directly connected to the interior of another membranous organelle, the endoplasmic reticulum. RNA, a type of structural RNA that combines with proteins to make the ribosome.