How to run c++ file in notepad++

You can now compile and run C++ programs Notepad++ tab and save the file as to a. But the same method can be used to run programs of any other language. Also Read: How to Run C and C++ Program in Sublime Text. Configure Notepad++ to . You need to specify the output file, and the run it. Well, I think this way (mis-) using Notepad++ as an IDE, will at least become clumsy, if you.

What if you want your.c files to be compiled with tcc,.cpp files to be compiled with g++ files to be interpretted with gawk automatically. Quick question: Can you compile c++ files and run them in notepad plus plus? If so, can you tell me how?. I'm confused about how to run a c++ program using notepad++.

i have windows 7 in my laptop, now i want to configure notepad++ to run and NppExec plugin allows to execute bat-files in the current directory. If you don't. As mentioned in other answers, you can't compile C++ with Notepad++. to do it: How to compile and run C files from within Notepad++ using NppExec plugin?.