How to fix dry wood filler

Wood putty is used to fill holes and cracks in wooden structures. It can also be used to cover nail and screw heads to give wood a smooth, unbroken appearance. Okay, today's Quick-Tip is how I conquered a little pet peeve. We all know wood fillers dry up fast. Shortly after I would open a container or tube, I ended up with. Wood filler is great for filling in gaps- cracks- and filling in countersunk holes. But sometimes, we leave the lid off and it dries up and can not be.

Wood Filler glue and epoxy repair questions. What can I do if my Elmer's wood filler begins to dry out? If there is How to repair wood using epoxy repair system. Typically, wood filler is nitrocellulose-based, which means it dries fast and cleans Add more acetone if the filler is still too dry to stir. Wait 15 minutes. I have some left over Elmers wood filler and wanted to see if I could use it before opening another container. It seems this would be a simple.

There are several ways to make wood filler dry faster. While solvent-based wood filler is dependable for both professional and novice woodworkers, recent. I'm a little confused about the entire problem given I thought these were . This is also why the proper storage for these fast dry filler cans is on.