What is a missing number puzzle

The product of the two largest minus the square of the smallest, So the missing number is = Puzzle Author: Stephen Froggatt. See this puzzle without. Ready for a brain-busting puzzle? Get your math skills ready because this one is all numbers. See if you can figure it out. Want to go on adventure with numbers and find one missing number? Then here is the place for missing number puzzles with answers.

One number is missing in this puzzle. can you solve this and replace question mark with appropriate number. answer is provided for cross. 4–8–20 ie–8=16–8=4 9–3–15 is–3=12–3=9 Then 6–9–24 ie–9=15–9= 6. Brain teaser - Number And Math Puzzle - three positive numbers added and multiplied - Which three positive numbers give you the same result when you add .

Job Role: Analyst, Bank Clerk, Bank PO, IT Trainer. 1 Q: Crack the missing number in the given puzzle? missing_number_puzzlejpg image. Can you fill in the missing number? Similar to Sudoku, this puzzle created by Puzzles9 consists of a rectangle with nine squares, each. Brain Teaser | missing number Find the missing number?? Look at the rows and the numbers.