How to look cool in school clothes

Many schools have uniforms that students have to wear, but there are ways different accessories, wear your clothes in a few ways, add color to your look, . your uniform a new dynamic, especially when paired with a cool tie, watch, and hat. How to Look Good in School Uniform Without Breaking the Rules. School uniforms make your morning decisions easier, but they're not the best for style. How to Look Good in a School Uniform (Girls). So you have to wear You could try wearing some jewelry if you're allowed, or wear cool shoes. Thanks! Yes No.

A strict school uniform can be boring and stifle your creativity. Luckily, there are In cool months, add a cardigan or sweater that compliments your uniform. Heavy makeup on a school uniform is not a cool idea. Try keeping a natural look; apply a foundation to camouflage blemishes. Highlight your eyes using a liner.