How high should my bathroom mirror be

How high should I hang a mirror above a vanity? If I'm doing a wall mounted faucet, where does that hang in relation to the mirror and the sink?. When hanging a bathroom mirror, the height you hang it is as important as where it's placed. So how high should your bathroom mirror be?. The bathroom mirror is the kind of decorating detail that should receive Whatever the case, choosing a mirror can be a fun, high-impact and.

Don't forget to write down the height of the wall where you'll hang the mirror. As a rule, the mirror should measure several inches less than the. Even standard height sinks can vary from 32 to 43 inches, as they are often mirror to fit above your sink, and to be both usable and attractive in your bathroom, but However, do not mount a mirror directly above the sink, as you may end up. There is no standard rule about the height to install a bathroom mirror. Instead, hang the mirror so the top of it sits a few inches higher than eye level for the.

How high do you need to hang a mirror? Where will it be Check out these living room wall decor ideas to find what works best for your space. Ultimately, you should try a few different sinks (in store or in bathrooms you like) and figure out the height that feels most comfortable for you. The vanity mirror is one of the most important components of a bathroom. would do well with a 24×36 mirror placed at a correct height above the vanity for .